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Website Refresh

If you're wondering whether or not it makes sense to invest in a website redesign strategy or are on the fence about updating your site, this is the article for you!
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The main benefit of a site redesign comes from the opportunity to reinforce and reposition your business in a more congruent and updated manner. It's 2023, and all companies deserve to have a professional representation of themselves online, displaying updated and accurate information to customers. So if you're wondering whether or not you need to invest in a website refresh, keep reading.

Does Your Website Need A Refresh?

Refresh Your Website

A website design typically has a shelf-life of around 2-3 years. After that point, being a technology, it becomes outdated rather quickly. While yes, it will still work just as well as the day it was published, your customers will be getting spoiled on more modern sites day in and day out, and so when visiting your site, they'll take notice of the state of your website.

An outdated web design can cause customers to lose trust in your business. But, it also causes you to miss out on one of the most powerful benefits of your website - your ability to market. With an updated site, and someone managing it, you can easily list sales, and promotions, post regular content to position yourself in front of more potential customers, etc. Your website has the potential to be your best salesman, so if you're not using it for that purpose, it is time to invest in a redesign strategy.

The most important thing to consider however, is the user-experience of your visitors. What does the analytics show? Are your users spending a lot of time on the website? If your users aren't spending 2+ minutes on your website, or they aren't visiting multiple pages, or they aren't returning, it may indicate that your website isn't repsonsive. We have an article about the Do's and Dont's of web design, and it might be worth reading it and applying the concepts to your own site.

When Should You Refresh A Website?

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Knowing when you should refresh the site comes down to your goals for the business. If you aren't worried about taking advantage of the internet to gain potential customers through your site, you may not need to waste time revamping your website. However, if you are a business that wants to grow, spending some time and money to refresh each webpage will go a long way in driving more customers through your doors.

As a general rule of thumb, visit your site and be completely honest with yourself. If it looks outdated, you need to update the site. If it has information on it that isn't relevant anymore, or it doesn't have information that is, you should refresh the site. If it's a pain in the butt to use, and doesn't follow modern conventions, it would be a wise investment to invest in some quality website redesign services.

How Do You Freshen Up A Website?

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There is no right or wrong way to freshen up a website. All that matters is that you have the proper information on each web page. On every page of your site you'll need any visitor to easily understand:

  • The purpose of the site
  • What is being offered
  • Why what you offer is better than your competition
  • Free, valuable information
  • Social proof (testimonials if applicable)

The main purpose of ensuring each page on your site has each of the things listed above is to ensure that you help your traffic feel comfortable with you. Websites lacking any of the things listed above are much less likely to convert traffic into paying customers. So when you freshen up a website, make sure you do it with those five things in mind. Consider anything that might help keep your customers updated. 

This month you're offering a certain promotion. Well, your website is one of the best places to display this information front and center on the homepage. It's also common for businesses to only invest in a homepage redesign. Once you have your entire site overhauled with the new design, you can hire out a company to make regular updates and maintenance to your homepage so as you need information updated, you'll have a team on your side ready to help when needed.

Why Refresh A Website Design?

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You might be asking yourself, "why should I redesign my website?" The answer is pretty much the reason businesses do anything - to make a profit. Your site has the potential to be your number-one salesman. It never sleeps, it doesn't take a vacation, and your customers can read it at their own pace. So it's insanely important that you have the best representation of your business on your website that you can get.

I want you to picture this in your head for a second. You want to redesign your bathroom and need a plumber, so you look for one on Google. 

The first one you click on has a very ugly, outdated website, it's not easy to use, and it isn't clear what action they want you to take. The second one has a very clean, modern site, and it's effortless to use. You find what you're looking for right away. Now, despite which plumber is better, how do you feel about each business? Well, if you're like most people, you would have lost a significant amount of trust in the first plumber because it's really the main interaction with that business you've had. And for many of your potential customers, your website is their primary interaction with your business until they decide to take that plunge and work with you.

What Is A Website Redesign Strategy

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The example in the above section is the main reason to invest in a modern web design. When you update your website, you must think of ways to make the experience of your customers better. Find a company that will help you design and streamline a system that will help a visitor go from prospect to customer as effortlessly as possible. You want to help them avoid confusion as much as possible. They're coming to your site for your services. You must include the five things mentioned earlier in the article but also make their next steps very obvious. Not only should they be able to determine how to take action, but any options they might want, or need should also be available online. The entire process from start to finish must be as streamlined as possible so you lose as few customers as possible.

It's worth spending some time on the web pages of your competitors to determine ways you can improve their process in a way that makes sense for your business.

Average Cost Of Website Redesign

website refresh cost

The cost to refresh your site will vary based on many things, but the average cost is around $1500-$5000. In most cases, a redesign is more than simply slapping a new aesthetic on a website and calling it a day. It's a complete overhaul in general. Not only will the site change its appearance, but in most cases, because streamlining occurs in the site's functionality, most things must also change under the hood. So you aren't paying for just design but development and custom code solutions. The average of both the complexity of design and development mainly determines the price. Smaller sites with complex development requirements can still fetch a higher price tag. If you're needing the site to be optimized for SEO, this can also raise the price as well, especially since they are different services.


Hopefully, this helped to answer your questions about updating your site. If you need help implementing any new changes, need monthly maintenance, or have any questions about SEO and website redesign, please call or schedule a free consultation. We'll help however we can.

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