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Maker's Mark Herbals

Helped a new company build their brand online in record time!

Key Takeaways

Custom Code

Customized Shopify theme to show product attributes they needed users to see

Integration Implementations

Setup & implemented various integrations & systems to encourage customer referrals & reviews

Maker's Mark Herbals

We contacted Spirra Digital with a vision in mind. We are a new company and are new to the technological world of modern business. We leaned heavily on owner Devin’s knowledge and expertise.

Devin guided us through the entire process patiently and effectively.

Our website turned out even better than we had imagined. We are grateful to Spirra Digital for their role in helping our company take this vital step to grow and expand.

If you’re looking for an experienced web developer, with knowledge and a level of expertise when it comes to search engine optimization, Devin is your guy!

We highly recommend Spirra Digital. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Project Goals

With this project, Maker's Mark Herbals wanted a store that matched their brand, with a few integrations that helped drive more customer reviews and referrals to their store.

I worked closely with Tarra - the store owner - to ensure that the finished project was exactly what she envisioned for her store.

Before carrying out any of the building, I went through a few rounds of extensive competitive analysis and keyword research to ensure that the store had all of the product data used by customers, as well as proper keyword organization.

Understanding Project Requirements

‍Deciding On a Platform

Before we could begin, I held a few calls with Maker's Mark Herbals to understand the needs, and future of the company. These discussions helped me provide the knowledge required to determine which platform would be best suited for their company. Due to the number of products, and the detailed backend available with Shopify, it was determined the website would be best built with Shopify.

Leveraging Competitive Research

Prior to building out or even designing their website, it was important to understand the industry well enough to know what pieces of information each category of product needed to have. After thorough keyword research, competitive analysis, and logical structuring of the product categories, the URLs, etc., I could then begin the second phase of the project.

Though, during this phase, I was limited in what I was able to control because Shopify prevents you from having full control over the URL names because of their native collection systems. Once the keyword research was completed, and we had all of the pieces of data for each product category gathered and organized, we could flesh out the structure of each template in Phase 2.

Design & Organization

All of these steps in Phase 2 were carried out with careful consideration of the client's vision, and requirements. We held multiple calls to discuss important details about their company, the products they intended to incorporate in the future, etc.

Finding a Shopify Template

Once we found a template the client's liked, I was able to customize the CSS of the template to ensure the colors were more on brand. I was also able to logically structure the content of the website, the information of each product, and the various types of features they wanted the website to have in a way that made sense for the customer experience.

Customizing The Template

They wanted certain features to display that weren't incorporated into the theme already, such as the product weights, product availability, etc. Knowing this, I was able to write some custom code and implement it into the theme's codebase to allow the various pieces of data to show up on the live website.

The website

You can view the website here


Once the website was live, and the client had a chance to get a feel for how Shopify worked, she realized she wanted certain features that weren't already active on the website.

Referral Program

One of the features she wanted was a referral program that would encourage her customers to refer friends, and incentivize them both with a 10% discount. I used Yotpo to implement this feature, and it required minimal custom code to implement.

Review Program

Another feature the client requested, was for users to be prompted to leave reviews X amount of days after the received their products. I used Yotpo once again for this integration, and again, very little custom code was required.