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We increased traffic by 1149.93% for a plasma tech company.

Key Takeaways

Domain Rating

Domain rating increased by 5.

Organic Traffic

Increased by 1149.93%

Technical SEO

Indexed pages went from 5% to 100%

Off-Page SEO

Removed more than 1,487 spammy backlinks


Great overall experience. Devin was professional and provided great customer service. We contracted with him to help us improve our SEO.

He was attentive to detail, provided thorough explanations, and tutorials to help us as our business and needs grow. We broke our project up in phases which was helpful and Devin provided options at each phase that allowed us to both understand the scope of work and pick the right option that suited our need and budget.

Would definitely recommend and work with Devin again.

Project Goals

APJeT® got in touch with me because they really wanted to improve their visibility. At the time they were a technology company specializing in Plasma Technologies that wanted better position themselves for investors.

While I had nothing to do with their website design, the goal they had was to improve their content so search engines could see it. Previously, another SEO had caused most of their content to be invisible to search engines. They also wanted me to do a full-site optimization so all of their current content could get more traffic, and they would be competing with their actual competitors.

In addition, they also wanted me to improve various aspects of their Technical, Off-Page, and On-Page SEO.

Technical & Off-Page SEO Improvements

The first phase of the project was spent focusing on important matters like disavowing the nearly 1,500 spammy backlinks another SEO had built to their content. This was in part what was responsible for making their content invisible to search engines.

Once all 1,487 spammy backlinks were disavowed I then moved on toward addressing the other technical SEO issues. There was no Schema markup, improper optimizations of various aspects like the title tags, meta-descriptions, etc.

These improvements alone helped the website's ability to be indexed (visibility to search engines) dramatically.

On-Page SEO Improvements

Once the website was organized, optimized, and taken care of in terms of technical, and off-page SEO, now I could focus on the second most important part - the content.

The first part of Phase 2 revolved around intensive research. Because this client is a tech start up - more specifically Plasma technology - I had to delve headfirst into that industry. After thorough analysis of their papers, documentation, and the analysis of their competitors content, industry research, and various other sources, I could begin to rewrite and restructure their content.

In addition to doing competitive research, keyword research, and scheduling various meetings with the APJeT team to discuss the specifics of their technologies, I was able to restructure their website so that it could begin gaining more visibility.

With the work I was able to do, the website saw an increase in organic traffic by more than 1149.93%!

Their domain rating also saw an increase of 5 points!

They also went from only having their About page show on search results, to having all of their pages shown in search engines. An indexation increase of more than 90%!