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Built systems that grew the outreach of their email marketing campaigns by 350%

Key Takeaways

Custom Code

Custom code I've written has helped create complex, but profitable systems for them to add course pipelines to the website.


HubSpot integrations have helped boost newsletter engagement dramatically!


I've helped with improvements & optimizations that have altogether increased organic traffic by more than 300%


Project Goals

Azibo is a National platform for landlords, property owners, real estate agents, renters, and property managers alike. Their goal is to educate, assist, and improve anyone involved in real estate to empower their decisions, and experiences.

I was brought on in October of 2023 to help them improve and manage various aspects of their website. Not only was I able to improve their SEO by implementing various improvements site-wide, but I was also able to help expand their presence and improve their credibility by creating several powerful features and experiences for their users.

I work with a team of 10-15 people that all pass me daily projects through Notion, and I take care of them in order based on the priority of the tasks. Below, I'll walk through not necessarily each "Phase", but each aspect of my daily work, as well as some of the successes we have had with this project.

Web Development

I was brought on to help speed up, improve, and flesh out the Azibo Webflow website. Using my background and experience as a front-end developer and an SEO specialist, I've been able to provide various solutions to a wide variety of problems.

Whether it is writing custom code to create pop ups that create cookies to help improve user experience, creating a custom interactive SVG map of the USA so users can click on state-specific articles, or collaborating with designers to flesh out landing pages on time, my work with Azibo has been fulfilling and enjoyable.
We work together to provide updated, quality, and informative resources to landlords, renters, property owners, and property managers.

Technical SEO

A lot of the reason I was hired on to the Azibo team was to carry out various technical SEO tasks. I am actively working toward improving page speeds by resolving various issues like FCP optimizations, Semantic HTML, Schema creation, optimizing/improving heading hierarchy, etc.

While working alongside other members of their team, Azibo has seen an increase in organic traffic by more than 300%