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Camden Case Management

We improved traffic by 325% for a case management company

Key Takeaways

Webflow Redesign

Launched an entire webflow redesign in only a week

Branding Compliance

Helped to ensure the entire website was on brand

Multiple Websites

Helping to manage 5 sister company websites

Organic Traffic

Increased by 325%

Camden Case Management

I hope that you have a wonderful holiday. I appreciate all the work you have done for us. We never would have launched so quickly without you.  Send interesting photos from your trip!!

Project Goals

The project for CCM began with them initially contacting me to help get their Webflow website redesign taken care of as quickly as possible. This wasn't just a redesign project, but it was also ensuring everything was as it should be for SEO as well.

CCM is part of a larger therapeutic company that has a total of five related companies - all of which have their own websites whose branding match one another. So, the project in short was focused on branded redesign, SEO optimization, and various technical tasks as well.

Once I had a chance to work with their team inside of their workflow they liked me enough to give me their other four company websites to manage as well.

Branded Webflow Redesigns

In collaboration with their designer, I was able to quickly take a website they had, and get everything turned around quickly.

This phase of the project included various technical tasks, ensuring optimal and correct usage of various elements, and ensuring everything was branded, and to the liking of their CEO.

Template SEO Optimization

One of the biggest issues that had to be resolved during this project was addressing the issues with the template that had been used. In most redesigns, you're simply building everything from scratch. However, in this instance, mostly everything was already on each of the pages, it just wasn't styled properly so everything had to be broken down and restyled to ensure a good UI/UX, ensuring everything was responsive on mobile, etc.

In the process of doing this, I had to make hundreds of changes to the template that was already in place, as almost nothing was as it should be for the purposes of achieving organic visibility in search engines. This made the project both fun, and challenging. In order to keep everything on brand, I had to cross-reference the other websites to ensure any new additions matched their brand.

Since it has been completed the organic traffic the website receives has gone up 325%.