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DeepEarth Technologies, Inc

We increased DTI's organic traffic by 300% & Improved their DR by 10 points!

Key Takeaways

Domain Rating

Domain Rating increased by 10


Organic Traffic Increased 305.78%


Organic Impressions Went Up 229.34%

Organic Keywords

Non-Branded Organic Keywords Went Up 630.43%

DeepEarth Technologies, Inc

Working with Spirra Digital was a great experience! We transferred our DIY site over from Wix to Webflow.

Devin did the design and was able to meet all of our needs in terms of content, forms, customized case history pages, etc. We were even provided with 3D graphics to amplify and modernize the overall look of our site.

The folks at Spirra are very good listeners and easy to work with. We would recommend them to anyone who needs a new website or SEO services.

Project Goals

  • Improve the speed of the website (especially on mobile)
  • Optimize the existing content
  • Redesign the website from the ground up

Website Redesign

What DeepEarth Wanted

For this website redesign, the client needed to update the entire website. It had been seven years since their last website update, and their competitors all have websites that are constantly being updated.

They wanted a design that was clean, professional, modern, and would help display their cutting-edge technology. They also wanted custom 3D illustrations that we created specifically for their company. Some illustrations display certain aspects of their equipment, others display certain aspects of the chemistry used in their field.

How We Achieved This

We held various calls with the team over at DeepEarth to both understand their expectations, requirements, and goals, and also to ensure that the designs we were building were aligned with their vision they had for the project.
They shared a few websites with us that they wanted me to draw from - highlighting a few aspects of each website they wanted me to implement into their design - and I was able to put together a custom design they were happy with. And, as we do with all of our clients, we held several revision calls throughout the process to ensure that when the website was finished, they were pleased with the end result.

Before & After

If you visit the DeepEarth website now, it will look different than the "after" image attached below because their founder - back in September - decided to have me make some alterations to the original design. But, before I made the changes, I took the screenshots shown below. You can visit their website here


Before Image of DeepEarth's Website


After image of DeepEarth's website

Custom Assets Made For The Project Using Blender

They wanted some custom 3D assets to highlight certain aspects of the chemistry, and technology behind their products. I was able to use Blender to create some custom assets they ended up wanting to include in the project. The image below displays a few of them. There were several others as well, including visual illustrations explaining how certain procedures work.

An image showcasing each custom asset Deep Earth commissioned Spirra Digital to make.

Migrating From WiX To Webflow

The client's previous website was built with WiX, and due to the transition to "Editor X", they had essentially locked their website and were unable to update it. Because they had dealt with many issues with WiX's editor platform, they decided switching to Webflow would be in their best interest.

After carefully going through my 30-point migration checklist, we were able to successfully migrate them from WiX to Webflow, all while mitigating any traffic loss. Not only did they not experience much traffic loss, but it quickly came back after the website had been successfully migrated. In addition, their analytics show that they have actually broken an all-time high in terms of monthly traffic thanks in part to a successful migration, and a successful full-site optimization.

Transferring & Updating DNS Records

Throughout this process, I also had to work with their IT company to ensure that their DNS records, and everything associated with their email servers continued uninterrupted.

Three-Month SEO Trial

Before we get into the three-month SEO trial, it is important to understand that we carried this trial out immediately after the migration from WiX to Webflow. In addition, they had more than 74 pages they wanted to get rid of during this migration.

So that means, the website only had about 34% of the total pages when this SEO trial was happening. The client chose to get rid of the other 56% of their pages. Meaning, all results you'll see in this section of the case study were achieved with only 34% of their pages.

When the trial began, they were only ranking for terms related to their company. They weren't ranking for anything related to their chemistry, products, or industry.
Their company is in the environmental industry, and their audience is generally geologists, and chemists.

In order to understand the enough to create content for them, I had to do thorough research and schedule various calls with the founder. After which, I was able to understand what set their company apart from the competition, their industry, and their products enough to create content that would both make sense, and be compelling to their audience. Many of which are ranking now, for either featured snippets, or in the top five positions in Google.

The Results

SEO results from our Deep Earth Technologies case study

After their three-month SEO campaign, we increased their domain rating by 10 points, the organic keywords ranked for went up more than 630%, their traffic went up 305.78%%, and their search visibility shot up 229.34%.

Monitoring Progress

We are still working with this client in a few capacities, and are planning to pick back up with their SEO efforts in the coming months. However, at the moment, we are mainly working toward fleshing out their various case study reports they'll want to include on the website soon. In addition, they want to begin fleshing out a full-time SEO campaign as well as creating a full-fledged newsletter for the various categories of their blog articles.