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Search engines place a higher value on websites that maintain high relevancy throughout their articles - especially in the main content section. Learn everything you need to know about the main content section so you can write highly relevant articles that will help search engines view your website as a trustworthy source of information.

What Is The Main Content Section?

What is the main content sectionUsing google SEO patents to locate the main content section

The main content section is the part of the page where you cover the page's main and most relevant points of the page’s topic in great detail. This is usually directly underneath the top navigation, and is the main section of the page you would typically go to for the bulk of information on the page.

For example, if your main content section talks about a certain dog breed, you’d want to include various sections to help users understand everything they need or want to know about that breed. In addition, you need to ensure you order the sections properly because even the order in which you choose to present your information can improve or decrease how relevant your article is.

Back to our dog breed example - you could have sections talking about what that breed is, when it was created (if known), what they are best suited for (herding sheep, hunting, etc.), what their temperament is like, tips for maintenance, common diseases & health problems, life expectancy, etc.

Why Is The Main Content Section So Important?

Why is main content so important

The main content section is important because it is where you help users understand everything they need to know about the topic at hand. Whether it is a specific dog breed, a type of knife, the history of the American flag, etc., the main content section is where you include the most relevant information in the most logical way possible.

How Do You Use The Main Content Section?

How does main content work

The best way to use the main content of your article is to ensure you are being as thorough and explicit as possible. You never want to veer off topic, and if you have to mention something off-topic ensure you are brief.

When writing content for this section, ensure that you are being factual, presenting quality information and that you are optimizing everything, even your HTML elements.

What Type Of Content Goes In The Main Content?

What type of content should you put in the main content section

When creating content for your main content section, you can use anything that helps to expand upon the topic your main content is focused on. Whether you use videos, images, or infographics, it truly doesn’t matter.

The most important thing to remember is that all of the content in the main content section needs to help explain or expand upon the user’s understanding of the topic being covered. 

When creating this content, ensure that you are following the best practices for creating quality content. Ensuring you are giving search engines what they are looking for, as well as providing quality resources to your users, will help your content improve in ranking and conversions.

What Type Of Content Doesn't Go In The Main Content Section?

What type of content should you avoid putting in the main content section

When creating your main content, you want to avoid including any content irrelevant to the topic being covered. You can briefly touch on topics that are irrelevant as long as they help your users more clearly understand the content, but you have to ensure you are brief.

If you spend too much time talking about irrelevant but helpful content, you will throw off the focus of your article, and search engines will no longer see your article as highly relevant. In addition, you should ideally only include this type of content in the supplementary content section.

How Do You Optimize The Main Content For SEO

How can you optimize main content for seo

You optimize your main content section for SEO by doing competitive analysis to create a heading structure that is more thorough than your competitors, ensuring you cover your topics in a way that makes logical sense, and even by doing the keyword research required to ensure you touch on the points that need it most.

What Is Supplementary Content?

Supplementary content has two types of content. One refers to various forms of media, and the other refers to the actual supplementary content section that is located below the main content section of a web page.

Supplementary Content Media

Supplementary content can refer to various types of media we briefly touched on earlier in the article. Infographics, videos, audio, images, and even files of other types are great examples of this. These types of assets help users develop a great understanding either audibly or visually. You can use these resources to drive certain points home, illustrate something too complicated for text, or even just as additional educational content.

Supplementary Content Section

The supplementary content section is the place where you house the points you need to make to help users develop a well-rounded understanding of your main topic. However, these points tend to be less relevant to the topic, but they do help provide a greater understanding of the topic. They are also great places for internal link opportunities.