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Learn how to leverage keyword questions to drive your pages in front of more potential customers, subscribers, and users. Today's article will teach you everything you need to know about question keywords to bring your content to the next level.

What Are Keyword Questions?

What are keyword questions image

Keyword questions are simply keywords/keyword phrases in the form of a question. These types of questions are typically going to be asked by your users when they land on one of your pages.

For instance, if you have an informational page describing a particular genre of music, some keyword questions that your users might ask are "Who invented the X genre?", "When did the X genre get invented?" or "Who are the most popular X musicians?".

How Can You Find Keyword Questions?

How to find keyword questions

There are many ways to find ideas for keyword questions, like competitive analysis, analyzing search results, and even brainstorming. Your goal when writing content should be to make the most comprehensive, quality, and useful resource possible.

When writing a page on topic X, think about the type of questions a user might have throughout the logical progression & flow of your page. You can use a few types of keyword questions to help you brainstorm keyword ideas while creating your content.

If you need help finding more keywords to use throughout your content, head over to our keywords pillar page to learn more about finding, identifying, evaluating, and using keywords.

What Are The Different Types Of Keyword Questions

The different types of keyword questions are just as simple as they seem. There are "How", "What," "Is," and "Why" questions. There are other examples as well, but these four are the only ones we will cover today.

How Questions

"How" keyword question

"How" keyword search queries start with "How." This type of keyword question is a search query the user uses when seeking additional information or explanations, methods, instructions, or processes related to a specific topic, problem, or task.

What Questions

"What" keyword questions

"What" keyword search queries start with "What." These search queries are used when a user wants to learn more about a person, place, thing, or idea. "What" keyword questions can be used much like "How" keyword questions.

Is Questions

"Is" keyword questions

"Is" keyword questions start with "Is." These search queries are typically used when users want to clarify the information they already have. They typically want to affirm or deny the concept that is contained in the query.

Why Questions

"Why" Keyword Questions

"Why" keyword questions start with "Why." Why keywords are slightly different than the other three question search queries in that users typically want to understand more about the reasoning, cause, purpose, or motivation behind something.

When Questions

"When" keyword questions

"When" keyword questions start with "When." "When" search queries are typically used when a user wants to learn more about the timing, sequence, or progression of something.

Why Are Keyword Questions Important To SEO?

Keyword questions are important to include in your content because they will help search engines view your page as relevant to more user queries and your overall topic at large.

Generating keyword questions throughout your content can greatly improve the odds that your page wins a featured snippet, especially if your content is well-structured, useful, and properly optimized.

10 Examples Of Keyword Questions

10 keyword question examples

Below, we'll share ten examples of different keyword questions to further drive the points home. Use the explanations of each type of general search query below to think of keyword questions that you can use throughout your content to further help and educate your users.

1. What Are The Best X?

Keyword question example "What are the best X"

Keyword questions using the phrase "the best..." are typically used when there are comparisons of some sort. These search queries are great to use if you have pages on both topics being compared, as it will naturally allow you to provide adequate internal links between both pages, and it will help your users come to a better understanding of the topic as a whole.

2. What Is A Good X?

Keyword question example "What is a good X"

"What is a good..." search queries are typically used for those early on in the customer journey. These queries are asked before the user has a deep understanding of their needs, and they are used to help further educate users and drive them toward their final selection.

3. When Is The Best Time To Do X?

Keyword question "When is the best time to X"

These search queries are typically used to help break down sequences of events, processes, recipe steps, and so on. They are asked to help users understand the proper time to do A or B.

4. What Is The Difference Between X & Y?

Keyword Question "Difference between X & Y"

Understanding the difference between two or more things is helpful when making a decision or learning more about a topic in general.

5. How To Improve X?

Keyword question "How to improve X"

"How to improve..." search queries are used when a user wants to learn more about how to enhance, improve, or enrich something. You can use them in your content when describing something the user will do, use, learn, or implement on their own.

6. How To Find X?

"When" keyword questions

When users ask how to find something, those search queries can be used for a wide variety of reasons. They can be looking to learn more about recognizing certain attributes on an object, how to look up a piece of information, how to find a specific location, etc.

7. How To Learn X?

Keyword question "How to learn X"

When users ask how they can learn something, they typically want to get some tips on how they can begin their journey. You can use these when briefly touching on a topic while also linking over to a page you have that breaks down the topic in more detail.

8. How To Write X?

Keyword question "How to write X"

Users asking how to write something typically want to learn how to write with a certain set of skills, methodologies, or purpose that is contrary to how people normally write.

9. How To Improve X Skills?

Keyword question example "How to improve X skills"

When users ask to improve certain skills, they want to learn about steps, classes, procedures, or methods they are not familiar with. You can use these keyword questions in your content to help break down a topic you briefly touched upon while also supplying a link to another relevant page on your website.

10. How Much Does X Cost?

Keyword question "How much does X cost"

Asking how much something costs indicates the user is working their way to the end of a sales funnel, so using links from this page to the page that will lead them to a purchase is a good idea.

How Many Different Keyword Questions Are There?

How to find quality keywords to use

There is no limit to the amount of keyword questions that can be created, and that is part of the beauty of content creation. When you're creating content, as long as you add questions during the process that will help improve how the webpage flows - logically speaking - and enhance the understanding the user will gain from your content, you can keep adding keyword questions throughout your content.