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Organic Search Consulting

Organic search consulting has been proven to be the most reliable way to get your website and business in front of more potential customers. If you can handle more work, and want to grow your business, finding and investing in an organic search consultant is one of the best things you can do!
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Organic search consulting is an excellent investment if you are a business looking to get your business in front of more potential customers. Organic is the most sustainable way to grow your customer base, and with the current resources available, it's easier to expand your local or regional reach than ever before! The fastest way to improve your organic search performance would be to find a reputable SEO agency to help you design and execute a custom SEO strategy geared toward your goals.

What Is Meant By Organic Search?

Organic search consulting helps businesses improve the amount of organic search traffic they get.

So this refers to all traffic that finds your website based entirely on your website's organic rankings. Unlike paid traffic, where you have to pay Google, organic traffic can be 100% free. Granted, the only way you could improve your traffic for free would be to design and execute your SEO strategy yourself, but you can do it if you have enough time. However, in most cases, business owners often hire an SEO agency to take care of this for them.

What Is An Example Of Organic Search?

Organic search consulting improves the amount of organic visitors a website receives.

Think back on the last thing that you had to Google. You clicked on the results you did, probably because it was ranked high on Google. It would probably be safe to assume that the websites you clicked on were on the first page. Probably even within the first 5-7 positions. That would be an example of organic traffic. Organic traffic is simply the traffic that clicks on a website solely based on how highly the website is ranked in Google. 

Just you reading this blog post right now is an example of organic traffic. Promoting content once it is created is customary, so you might be reading it because we have shared this blog post on our social media accounts, but the bulk of visits to our website are all because we are ranked on the first page for many of our pages. So chances are, you are reading this blog post because it is on the first page of Google, and we caught your attention. That is what organic traffic is all about - traffic that finds you apart from any Google ads.

What Is Organic Search Strategy?

Any organic search consulting agency will be able to help you design and execute an organic search strategy.

An SEO strategy is precisely as it sounds. If you want to increase the traffic your website is getting, first, you need to create a strategy, and then you will need to execute it. A quality strategy is made up of many different parts. You'll need to create a list of cities and keywords you want to target. For each city, you'll need to create landing pages for all of your services, and for each keyword, you'll want to make blog content based around them. Once you begin creating the content, you'll need to optimize it, publish it, and promote it. Each step here, from content creation to optimization and promotion, is equally important. You cannot succeed without doing your best at these three parts of your strategy.

Is SEO Organic Or Paid?

Organic search consulting is another way to say SEO, which is not free.

This question can be confusing, and here's why: SEO is paid, but it gets you organic traffic, not paid traffic. SEO can be done for free if you do it yourself, but generally, you would pay an agency like Spirra Digital to take care of this for you. While you would be paying for SEO, the result would be the improvement of your rankings, meaning your website will show up higher in Google. Showing up higher in Google means your website gets in front of more potential customers and more visitors to your website. 

The main benefit SEO gives that paid search doesn't is that once you stop paying for SEO, you get to keep your rankings and, consequently, your organic search traffic. Paid traffic, however, once you stop paying Google for your traffic, it's all gone.

What Is The Difference Between Organic Search And Direct Search?

The difference between organic and direct search is that direct traffic knows you, while organic traffic doesn't.

The difference between organic and direct search traffic is that direct search traffic already knows who you are. Direct search comprises visitors typing in the name of your business directly, or even more specifically, visitors typing in your URL into their browser. While it's good to have these types of visitors, you want to have significantly more visitors coming in organically than those coming in directly. 

Why? Mainly because those visitors that are coming to your website directly already know who you are. If you want to grow your business, you need to get in front of customers who don't know who you are. That is where organic search comes into play because it is the best way to get your website and business in front of more local customers.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Paid Search?

Organic search consulting helps you avoid the disadvantages of paid search, which is to be trapped into your paid search campaign.

Paid search is a fantastic resource for growing any website, and it is often used in an SEO campaign. Paid search is a much faster way of getting traffic to your website than SEO, so it has its place when it comes to growing a website. SEO is a lot slower, but more sustainable. That is where the main disadvantage of paid search comes into play.

You can invest in an SEO campaign for a year and end up with a website that gets 800-5000+ visitors each month. Then, for any reason, you can quit your SEO campaign, and you will still get to keep the bulk of that traffic because of your organic rankings. 

However, with paid search, once you quit paying, your traffic almost instantly comes to an end. Not only that, but paid search is much more expensive than SEO. You can spend $2,500 on an SEO campaign for a year and get 1-5k visitors organically each month. But that amount of traffic, if you were to only invest in paid search, could easily cost 8-10k each month instead of $2,500 with a well-planned and executed SEO campaign. Not to mention that again, when you end your SEO campaign, you can keep that traffic - potentially - for years to come. I say potentially because you can keep it indefinitely so long as you are not faced with a lot of competition, or you may only be able to keep it for 8-18 months if there is a lot of competition. It just depends.

Is Organic Search Free?

Organic search consulting isn't free, but the result of organic search traffic absolutely is.

Organic search is 100% free. Whether you invest in a quality SEO agency or take the time to learn about SEO yourself, your results will be free. Getting your organic search traffic built up may not be free, depending on how you decide to go about it, but the results from your investments are free.

How Much Do SEO Consultants Make?

How much does organic search consulting pay?

So SEO consultants typically make between $50-$80 an hour, while SEO agencies charge between $100-$250 an hour. Consider the consultant you hire because an SEO freelancer will be more affordable if you're a smaller business. Organic search consulting pays differently based on the type of consultant. However, you'll typically get the best results with an agency. Regardless of their size, agencies charge more because of their expertise. However, even though most SEO consultants - both agencies and freelancers - determine their ROI based on an hourly rate, you are not paying them for their hours. SEO is a very fluid business. Some months your SEO consultant may have to put in twice the amount of hours expected. It just depends on the campaign's goals, obstacles, and achievements.


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