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How SEO and Adwords Work Together

SEO and Adwords work well together because they have the same goal. If you plan and carry out an effective strategy with both PPC and SEO, both services will not only benefit you, but they'll benefit one another as well. Your Adwords will bring traffic to your website - and assuming it is a quality website - that traffic will convey necessary signals to Google, which will also improve the potency of your SEO efforts. Likewise, the healthier your SEO campaign, the more effective your ads will be.
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Which Is Better, SEO Or Google Ads?

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In all reality, they are both excellent and essential services. It depends on what stage you're at in your marketing journey. If you're starting, you need both to set yourself up for success. You can spend all the money you want on Google ads, but you'll only improve your organic rankings if you ensure your website is primed for organic search with SEO. The best way to get the results you're after is to give the search engines exactly what they want - quality, optimized and relevant user-friendly content. You can do just fine without investing in search engine optimization - don't get me wrong - however, ads without SEO are an uphill battle. When they work together, it's much more seamless and efficient for both services.

Should I Invest In Local SEO Or Ads?

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nvesting in both campaigns would be ideal if you have the budget for both. In unison with everything else we've mentioned in this article, the best results will be a direct result of both ads and a search campaign. Our agency helps businesses by providing free consultations, so if you need any help figuring out your next move you can book a free strategy call here.

Does This Mean You Should Hire An SEO And A Google Ad Specialist?

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Your best bet would be to find an agency or company specializing in SEO and ads. When you have an SEO company that specializes in Google ads, you ensure that both sides of your campaign will be working together. The last thing you want is to have a miscommunication in terms of your SEO content writing and your ad copy. Hiring both under the same roof help streamline your marketing campaign because your website optimization can be done in preparation for your ads campaign. In fact our agency specializes in both of these services, so if you're wanting to dominate your competition in those SERPs, Spirra Digital would love to help.

To Summarize - How Do SEO And PPC Work Together?

A Google ads campaign can help out search engine optimization by getting more traffic to your website, which will send vital signals to Google. When Google sees that traffic is staying on your site, converting and taking other important actions like bookmarking your page, returning to your site, sharing your content, etc. Google will take this as a sign that your website is quality content, and it will improve the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. Meaning you'll organically start ranking higher, and the benefits from your website optimization will start to improve.

In terms of how search engine optimization can help PPC, you're likely to rank higher organically if you invest in local SEO services. The way this benefits your PPC is that you'll have a better idea of what will work for your demographic since your SEO expert has already been working in the very market you're targeting, and you can take this knowledge and expertise into your ads campaign. What this then means is you can spend less money on Google ads trying to determine what will work because you'll already have a good idea of what Google and your market want.

Both ads and search engine optimization are great investments for any business serious about breaking into the local market, but the best way to increase your odds would be to invest in both. If you'd rather try to do your own marketing, we have a great video and article walking you through some mistakes you should avoid when optimizing your website.

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