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How Can SEO Help My Business

The benefits of SEO for business cannot be overstated. In our article, you'll get answers to several questions such as "How does SEO work?", "What is SEO?", and many more.
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Importance of SEO For Small Businesses

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As a smaller business, it might be harder to see whether or not search engine marketing would be worth the investment. You might be wondering, "How can SEO help my business?". The importance of local search cannot be stated enough, especially for smaller businesses. The benefit of local SEO for a small business site can be proven easily. Any competing companies you see ranking on the first page for services you offer use search engine optimization. The majority of people seeking out services like yours are using Google to do so, and the majority of business goes to companies on the first page. The first page of Google alone shows the importance of hiring an SEO specialist for a small business.

Search engine optimization doesn't have to be a scary, costly, complex service. If your business wants more inbound leads & better rankings in the SERPs but doesn't want to spend an arm and a leg, hire an agency that will work with your budget. If you want to improve your local SEO, hiring an agency like ours is the best investment you can make!

Is SEO Important For Every Business

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So now that you know small businesses need search engine optimization, you might wonder what businesses need SEO the most. To answer that, we must first discuss how search engine marketing works for a business. So, the way that internet marketing works for businesses is shown on the first page of Google. 

When your car breaks down on the side of the road, and you search for "towing service near me," which company do you trust? We would argue that you probably would look for the closest and most credible company. You probably wouldn't look for companies on Google's second, third or fourth page. Chances were, when you needed it most, your choice would be one of the top results.

This example shows how powerful SEO can be for businesses. If your business isn't ranking on the first page of Google for the service you provide, you are losing out on a lot of business you could be generating in the form of inbound leads. All of which would be coming entirely from your website. Does every business need to optimize their site? Well, that depends on whether or not they have direct, local competition. 

For example, if the business were a government agency, it would have no competition. In this instance, they are essentially granted a monopoly due to their affiliation with the government. They have no competitors to worry about, which is why many government sites aren't of the best quality - they have no competition.

However, if a business has competition, an SEO company can and will benefit you. Even if you don't have a customer base actively going through your site and your process is entirely offline, optimizing your website can help to create content for your business that can change that. You can still enjoy the clientele you gain offline but also access completely different markets online. This new clientele from your site would be entirely inbound, so you wouldn't have to work for each lead like you probably are with your offline leads.

Why Is SEO Important For Marketing

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Using an SEO specialist for marketing is genuinely one of the best ways to benefit a business. Instead of paying monthly for Google ads, or other forms of ads, if you put that budget to work in the form of a search campaign, you will have much longer-lasting success. If you pay for an SEO company for a year and are ranking for several keywords, you can theoretically stay ranked for those keywords for years to come. The only thing that would remove you from your position would be other competitors paying for SEO to take your place. Aside from those two things, however, you would enjoy the increased traffic you get from those rankings your search engine optimization efforts have won you. Not only would you enjoy more traffic, but this traffic is completely organic. Why is organic traffic better than paid traffic? Because they are people searching for exactly what you're offering, and your site is getting in front of them. Paid traffic isn't always accurate in who gets targeted with your listing, while organic traffic always is.

So now that you know the importance of using SEO for marketing, what is it in digital marketing? How can search engine marketing help in digital marketing? SEO improves not only the amount of traffic your site gets but also the quality of that traffic, the rate at which that traffic converts into paying customers and offers one of the best ROIs of any other form of marketing.

How Effective Is SEO

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93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. 93% of all users on a website only end up there because of on page optimizations. Businesses that invest in an SEO consultant and rank on the first page of Google enjoy over 90% of all traffic. The higher up on the first page a business is, the larger of a percentage of that 90% they enjoy. Their competition on all other pages that aren't investing in SEO fight over the remaining 9-10%. So, if your site doesn't perform well in Google, you will statistically lose out on a lot of business. In some statistics, Forbes points out that they increased their traffic by 40% by using search engine optimization practices for their site. So hopefully at this point you're no longer wondering how SEO can help your business.

SEO optimization doesn't have to be some complex service because it's not. It's straightforward. There are general things you want to avoid when doing SEO, but for the most part it's very simple. You provide information regarding your industry that both Google and your users want to see. This helps make you an authority in your industry, and as a result of the helpful content focused on your services, your industry, etc., Google rewards you with traffic and rankings. We have an article that will walk you through how you can go about helping you find the perfect SEO consultant for your business. We've also written an article that will walk you through how SEO can help an eCommerce store.

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