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Benefits of Ecommerce SEO

We'll go over the top 10 benefits of eCommerce SEO, and how you can use SEO to grow your eCommerce store.
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Why is SEO Important In Ecommerce?

The benefit of eCommerce SEO is that it will greatly increase the amount of traffic and revenue your store brings in.

The benefits of SEO can be game-changing for a business. SEO is important in eCommerce because, without traffic, an eCommerce business will make little to no money. It has been proven over and over again that SEO is one of the best ways to increase the amount of organic traffic your website gets on a monthly basis. Sure, you can have a massive newsletter, a large following on social media, or get your business mentioned in the news. But most companies don't have those resources at their disposal; in those cases, that would be where search engine optimization would come in.

Businesses on the first page of Google get most of the traffic and business; This is where the main benefit lies. So whatever product your eCommerce store sells, if you invest in a quality search company, they'll be able to rank you #1 for your product. This means that when people want to buy products like yours, your eCommerce store will appear on the first page of Google.

Not only can search engine optimization attract more organic traffic, which is far cheaper than paying Google for traffic, but you can target exactly what type of traffic you're attracting. It is one of the most targeted marketing strategies available at the moment.

Below we'll describe 10 of the most significant benefits of eCommerce, plus one additional bonus benefit! We'll also touch on the difference between eCommerce search engine optimization and SEO.

What Are The Benefits Of Using SEO?

In this section we walk over the benefits of using eCommerce SEO.

1. Your Website Becomes Easier To Navigate

When you get down to it, SEO is just about optimizing the structure and organization of your website. Google likes to see websites laid out a certain way because it easily conveys what the website wants to achieve. To properly execute SEO, we must address specific on-page optimization issues, including how easily Google and your users understand your website. Once the structure and design of your website are taken care of, Google can index your website correctly, which means you can start ranking.

2. Increase Your Organic Traffic

Investing in a campaign for your business means receiving far more organic traffic. If the agency you hire knows what they are doing, this traffic will be relevant. Relevant traffic means they want to buy the products you offer. You wouldn't want to invest in gaining a bunch of traffic that wasn't interested in buying your products, right? This is why it is essential to ensure you hire a good SEO company for your eCom search campaigns.

3. Better ROI Than Paying Google For Traffic

Not only will you get relevant organic traffic, but it will last significantly longer than if you were to pay for it. When you pay Google for traffic, the minute you stop paying Google, your increased traffic comes to a screeching halt. The only way you would lose your ranking and traffic would be if several of your competitors paid for SEO and outranked you. Or, if your SEO used black-hat tactics and Google punished you for it. However, assuming the SEO you hired didn't use any black-hat tactics, you could enjoy this increase in traffic and ranking for years to come. So, ensure that if you invest in SEO, you use a professional SEO company that only uses white-hat tactics. These are tactics that Google will never punish.

4. Paying For Ecommerce SEO Is More Affordable Than Paying Google

Not only will you get a better return on investment than you would if you paid Google for traffic, but it will be significantly cheaper. If you paid Google for 1,000 clicks, it could cost anywhere between $2,500 and $6,500 a month. The average SEO campaign for a local campaign is $1,500 - $2,500 a month. Remember, the benefit of SEO is that once you rank for your main keywords, you have a choice. You can keep going with the campaign and take over more and more of your competition, or you can stop your campaign. Regardless of what you choose, whenever you end your campaign, the rankings and traffic you get each month will not stop. Your rankings and your traffic will be consistent for a very long time. This is a big part of what makes SEO so powerful.

5. Grow Your Business

It goes without saying that if you invest in an eCom campaign, your revenue will also increase because of the improved visibility your business gets, especially once you're on the first page and rank for the keywords you want. Once you're in that position, the traffic will only increase until you decide to stop your campaign. As long as you price out your campaign correctly and it makes sense for how much your product sells, you can theoretically keep paying your SEO and grow your business very quickly.

6. Ecommerce SEO Will Save You Money

If you invest with a quality SEO company, you will not have to invest as much money into marketing. You won't be paying for Google ads. You can spend less on social media marketing too. Not only that, but you'll be getting more exposure while paying less at the same time.

7. Increase Your Credibility

When people see a business at the top of search results, they instantly attribute more credibility and recognition to that business than they would have if they had found it at the bottom of page 9. Just appearing on the first page of Google - especially in the first three positions - makes your business stand out.

8. Keep Up With & Beat Your Competition

It's 2022. Chances are good that your competition is already investing in search engine optimization focusing on eCommerce. If your competition is on page one, it guarantees they are investing in eCom SEO. You don't get to the first page without either doing SEO yourself or hiring a professional agency to do it for you. Not only will you be able to compete with businesses selling similar products, but you can even get a leg up on them and outrank them.

9. Take Marketing Off Of Your Plate

You are a business owner, so you'll never fully be able to stop thinking about different marketing opportunities. However, investing in professional eCom search engine optimization means acquiring the bulk of your customers without having to do much yourself. Having extra time not spent marketing means you can do literally anything else that will be more profitable and well-spent for your business. Marketing is one of the most significant investments in terms of your time, and so automating that by outsourcing this with a quality eCommerce agency is one of the best things you can do to free up more of your time.

10. Expand Your Company

With more revenue from your business's Google rankings, you can use that extra income to expand your business in different ways. Add more products to your store. Hire more employees to free up your time to focus on other aspects of your business. Upgrade your product. Upgrade your website, etc. You can take so many directions with the expansion of your company.

11. You Get To Understand Your Demographic More

Perhaps the most critical aspect of investing in an eCommerce SEO campaign would be the data you uncover about your audience. You will find out what questions they are asking the most, what services they need most often, and even what questions they have about products similar to yours. Why is all of this data important? Because you can then take it and flesh out the content on your website. Google greatly rewards a website that offers the most quality information and answers the most questions. You can take the knowledge your eCommerce SEO campaign has given you to become even more of an authority in your industry. On top of this, you can also get an insight into the behavior of your target demographic. How they interact with your website, and what drives them to purchase your products.

What Is The Difference Between SEO & Ecommerce SEO?

The benefit of eCommerce SEO and normal SEO is the same. However, the focus is slightly different.

The main difference between search engine optimization & eCommerce search engine optimization is the campaign's goal. eCommerce focuses on ranking products, whereas search engine optimization typically aims to rank services. Regardless of if it is eCommerce SEO or not, aims to rank a company high up in the SERPs. Arguably, however, search engine optimization is way more powerful for an eCommerce business because there is no need for a sales team. People visit your website and see your product. If they like it, they buy it. There is no need for a sales call, which can lower your conversion rate. If they want the product, it has good reviews, and the pictures look great, the customer will purchase the product more often than not. So while SEO can help any business, it can do wonders for an eCommerce business with a great product.

The differences between eCommerce search engine optimization & normal search engine optimization can be very subtle, so to learn more, look out for our upcoming blog post that will explain the difference a bit more. In the meantime, check out our blog showing how search engine optimization can help your business. We also have a blog that teaches you can rank Nationally for your specific keywords.

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